1. Suh-weet. for new S.I.F.S this Spring.

  2. …and more web work for SleepSkateboards. Check out the video look book (shot by Ryan Rinaldi ) on the home page and feel vibes.

  3. New mini site for bass / guitar player Jeff Picker.  Fans of bluegrass, jazz, old time country and more - order up!

  4. Impact On Environment for Mod Atlantic.

  5. Logo treatment for Itchy Palm Entertaiment, and the emcee Rome D’Marco.

    Big things coming up for him this fall..

  6. The SG7 for S.I.F.S ( S is for Staten ).

    Get yours here

  7. All Skull Everything.

  8. Update: the url and shop links are being transitioned elsewhere, more info soon!

    Web and illustration work for ModAtlantic.com , the “narrative street wear” group. I’m shooting a look book for this project in March, which should be really interesting - a nature contrasting with technology theme.

  9. Vonetta Mcgee

  10. Un trabajo gráfico para theLateStyle. Un latido llamado ventura.


  11. I wish I had the time to play with this more, an animal based comic / animation concept, Arminals. It’s more Dalgoda than Beast Wars in my head, but there is not enough time in a day to develop it further, for now.

  12. Logo designs for Dopeflix.com, launching today. 

  13. Another work for AccolaGriefen.  This will be published in the Brooklyn Rail, announcing a solo show by multidisciplinary artist Sandra Ramos.

  14.  I designed an advert for an upcoming show by artist Rob Van Erve, commissioned by the good folks at AccolaGriefen. I haven’t seen any of the show, but can safely anticipate a night of nuanced wonder and neuron sparking exchange.

  15. Jill, rain or shine.  w/ Karen Evans.