1. The Day Breaks, breaking a few days late…Break Toys.

  5. the Day Breaks, Day Two: ” Bust “

  6. ​One a day for the month of August. https://soundcloud.com/junkhop

  7. TNE, the Vineyard

  8. Velvet Undertow art for Mod Atlantic.

  9. Sot 11

  10. More Arminals. When it’s time to get myself psyched for a work project, I usually start off with a prospo. A prospro is a procrastination project; something that entertains my brain, is quick-ish to do, and serves to get me “warmed up” for working in the digital realm. I took the idea from concept artists; masters at quick iteration of ideas. So one of my favorite prospro’s is Arminals. They are “animal-people” who have evolved on the Southern Hemisphere of Verna. ( Any Jack Finney fans out there? )

  11. A quick webwork for one of the finest bluegrass trios working today, the Abby Hollander Band.

  12. Pharrell and Music.

  13. Suh-weet. for new S.I.F.S this Spring.

  14. …and more web work for SleepSkateboards. Check out the video look book (shot by Ryan Rinaldi ) on the home page and feel vibes.

  15. New mini site for bass / guitar player Jeff Picker.  Fans of bluegrass, jazz, old time country and more - order up!